celery boob theme by peerra


this theme is really cute but the images suck so please look at the previews


  • 250/400px post
  • black or white post
  • infinite scroll or in sidebar navigation
  • custom opacity on sidebar and posts
  • 6 custom links
  • sidebar image, image in sidebar, and two other images in the corners you can move
  • you can change the dropdown color and it looks cool
  • you can change the cursor (upload it to cursor hover)
  • other smaller options like grayscale/optional captions/rounded corners/music player

hell yea send questions here and heres my faq and answered theme asks are here


Mint Theme by tukut

code + featurespreview

I’m finally back with a new theme! This time it’s extremely customizeable with 200+ options. Hope you enjoy and feel free to send me any asks for help!


night sky pixel bg -

please reblog or like if you use ! thank you ♥

Pixel cursors/signs/text/etc.


I’m making new updated pixel masterposts!!

Pixel backgrounds
Pixel dividers
Pixel cursors/signs/text/etc.
Tea/Coffee/Drinks pixels
Food pixels
Cake/Sweets pixels
Animal pixels
Misc. Kawaii pixels

A lot of pixels under the cut! (none of the pixels are mine unless stated otherwise) 

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